Here at CCM EPoS, we understand that your takeaway business will require a reliable and practical point of sale system.

We are proud to say that our Electronic Point of Sale systems are of the highest quality and can only improve your business operations. They are ideal for fast-paced environments such as takeaways, and we can supply, install, and even maintain them for you.

Point Of Sale

Our EPoS systems provide simple and reliable operation for your staff, and they are ideal for fast-paced environments such as takeaways. In the past year, takeaways have seen a huge boost in sales, and most restaurants and pubs have also converted to takeaway services too. As such, there has been a huge demand for a reliable and effective Electronic Point of Sale system that can handle the fast pace and complicated functionalities of a takeaway service, which is where our system can assist.

With our EPoS system installed, your takeaway will be able to handle a large number of orders for both delivery and collection. Our system includes features such as customer details, postcode lookup, and collection time slots.

Delivery and Collection

Delivery and collection are essential to any takeaway, so your EPoS system must incorporate all the features you require. For example, our Electronic Point of Sale system can store customer details when they phone in an order, using Caller ID, which makes repeat ordering much faster and simpler in the future. Our system also has software that is compatible with online ordering, so any order made online is sent straight through the point of sale and to the kitchen.

Online Orders can be restricted by delivery radius and provide time slots for collections. These time slots can be incorporated with a capacity feature, so you never overextend yourself.


Many customers choose to order their takeaway either online or via an App, and our EPoS system allows for this as it is compatible with iOS, Android, and online ordering. As mentioned above, our system integrates fully with online ordering, with the order being printed through our point of sale system straight to the kitchen. App ordering works in the same way as well, allowing customers to order directly from their phone, and choosing specific time slots for collection or delivery.

Back Office

Our back-office system has all the required reporting functions you would expect from a point of sale system, allowing your staff to control the stock and manage the menu. With online ordering being integrated into the system, you are able to manage orders both in-store and online with our systems. The back-office software makes it easy to add new products to the menu whenever you need to or, if you run out of something, you can take a product off the menu too. Our system makes managing and monitoring your takeaway simple.


With PDQ card payments, you can streamline your payments with an integrated card terminal. Having partnered with the best card payment providers on the market, we’re able to make sure that quick, quality, and secure transactions pass through your terminal every time. With PDQ card payments from us at CCM EPoS, you won’t need to concern yourself with security, as the systems we offer are of the highest quality.

Contact Us

Our service includes no obligation meetings to discuss needs and aspirations, along with any bespoke features you may require.

We pride ourselves on giving great advice, and discussing what is right for your business and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about your needs, and any particular requirements you can’t see mentioned on the website.