Here at CCM EPoS, we provide high-quality Electronic Point of Sale Systems to both casual and fine dining restaurants. We understand that you will need a reliable point of sale system and that it will need to be fully functional in a fast-paced environment, and we are proud to say our systems can provide this.

Our team are able to supply and install these EPoS systems for you, as well as keep them well maintained, ensuring you always have a fully operational electronic point of sale system in your restaurant.

Point of Sale

For your restaurant to be successful and efficient, you will need a fast and reliable point of sale system in place. Here at CCM EPoS, we know that every restaurant, whether casual or fine dining, will have its own way of working, and you will want your point of sale system to reflect this. As such, all of our EPoS systems can be tailored to your specific requirements and restaurant.

You will find our first-class systems can include features such as table plans, which are easy to change, along with full table tracking and analysis. There are also handy tab facilities, giving your staff full control of every process, from ordering to payment, in a simple and effective manner. Our systems can even include additional features for your customers, such as a loyalty scheme.


When customers go to a restaurant, they expect to receive quick table service when ordering their meals. While this used to be handled with a pen and paper, there are now more efficient ways to take your customer’s orders, and that is with our Electronic Point of Sale system.

We offer a reliable handheld waiter order pad system to accompany our EPoS system. Take an order at the table and it will be sent to your drinks area & kitchen before you have left the table. With additional peripherals such as belt printers or integrated card machines, bills can be printed without needing to return to the EPoS system.


These days, with technology improving and everyone having access to a smartphone, people have taken to ordering through an APP or online, as this is a quicker and simpler way of ordering. With our handy EPoS systems, you can incorporate this feature into your system as our software is compatible with both iOS and Android, as well as online ordering. This allows customers to order their food straight to their table when they are ready, and they can pay when they order, streamlining the entire process. Orders are sent straight to the bar or kitchen from the App or online site.

Back Office

Our Electronic Point of Sale systems have all the necessary features to make back-office functions easier. It has never been easier to maintain and monitor margins from stock control and managing the menu, ensuring you always keep track of the stock levels and what is selling well.

Kitchen Management Systems

The days of scribbled order chits in the kitchen are over. Your kitchen can receive orders via clear readable printers with our EPOS system. Whether you require one printer for the chef or multiple printers for different chefs, our EPoS system can accommodate.  For a truly paperless solution, we can also provide a handy order screen.


With PDQ card payments, you can streamline your payments with an integrated card terminal. Having partnered with the best card payment providers on the market, we’re able to make sure that quick, quality, and secure transactions pass through your terminal every time. With PDQ card payments from us at CCM EPoS, you won’t need to concern yourself with security, as the systems we offer are of the highest quality.

Contact Us

Our service includes no obligation meetings to discuss needs and aspirations, along with any bespoke features you may require.

We pride ourselves on giving great advice, and discussing what is right for your business and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about your needs, and any particular requirements you can’t see mentioned on the website.