Here at CCM EPoS, we understand that event managers will need a reliable and functional point of sale system that can keep up with a fast-paced environment.

We are proud to say that our systems can do just that, as they offer a range of functions that streamline your processes and ensure you provide excellent customer service. In addition, we can supply, install, and even maintain our high-quality EPoS systems too, providing you with a full service.

Point Of Sale

Our Electronic Point of Sale systems provide your staff with reliable and straightforward operation. We know that events are an environment that requires a fast rate of service and efficiency, as there are so many customers to service at once, and we have set up our systems to meet this need. All of our systems can be integrated with PDQ card terminals to allow contactless payment, which improves customer service and turnover. Additionally, our EPoS systems can incorporate any features you require for your event to optimise the process.


We supply a handheld EPoS system for events, which helps to streamline the process and increase the speed of service. These are particularly helpful for events where there is a VIP area, as the EPoS system can optimise the customer experience by allowing VIPs to fast track through queues.


Mobile ordering has increased as technology improves and, for many events, VIP tables are able to order through their phones. Our EPoS system can have this feature incorporated for you, as our software is compatible with iOS, Android, and online ordering. So, your VIP customers can order to their table from their phone, paying as they go, and receiving their order quickly and efficiently. Plus, we can even create a Wi-Fi connection for these VIP areas to optimise the online ordering process.

Back Office

Our back-office system has all the required reporting features incorporated into the Electronic Point of Sale system, allowing staff to control and manage stock and staff security. In addition, this system will allow you to isolate specific areas of the event, such as bars, and analyse these areas independently of each other. Plus, our system allows you to store event data from each year, so you can compare revenue from each year.


With PDQ card payments, you can streamline your payments with an integrated card terminal. Having partnered with the best card payment providers on the market, we’re able to make sure that quick, quality, and secure transactions pass through your terminal every time. With PDQ card payments from us at CCM EPoS, you won’t need to concern yourself with security, as the systems we offer are of the highest quality.

Contact Us

Our service includes no obligation meetings to discuss needs and aspirations, along with any bespoke features you may require.

We pride ourselves on giving great advice, and discussing what is right for your business and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about your needs, and any particular requirements you can’t see mentioned on the website.