Here at CCM EPoS, we are able to supply, install, and maintain the highest quality Electronic Point of Sale systems for many councils, various attractions, and retail stores.

We understand that you will need a reliable and effective point of sale system to handle the various sectors within this one establishment, and ours can provide everything you need. In addition, there are many functionalities that can be incorporated into the system, streamlining processes, and providing stellar customer service.

Point Of Sale

Our Electronic Point of Sale system provides your staff with simple and reliable operation. In addition, you will find our system is multi-functional and adaptable, so it can be run in various establishments, such as hospitality, ticketing, retail, and more. The versatility of our EPoS system ensures you always have the right platform to run various aspects of your business, all through the same software.


With table service becoming more prevalent, it is essential to have an effective handheld point of sale system in place, which we can provide. Our handheld EPoS system provides speedy service, allowing your staff to take orders at the table, with the order being sent straight to the relevant bar or kitchen area. In addition, you will find our handheld systems can operate with many functions, such as table plans and tab facilities, to make ordering easier.


Many customers choose to order through their mobile phones now that technology has improved, as this is a simpler and quicker way of doing things. You will be able to incorporate mobile ordering into your business, as our software is compatible with iOS, Android, and online ordering. This allows your customers to order and pay from their table when they are ready, and this software can be adapted to allow ticket sales and food and beverage ordering to happen on the same platform.

Back Office

Our EPoS system has all the necessary reporting features available, such as stock control and managing of menus. This makes it easy for your staff to monitor everything from the back office, keeping an eye on stock levels, checking what sells well, and monitoring your margins.

Head Office

As well as being able to manage and monitor sales in the back office, our systems allow for Head Offices to control this data too. Any data collected in our EPoS system can be analysed at the Head Office level, allowing them to manage multiple businesses and venues in the council area.


With PDQ card payments, you can streamline your payments with an integrated card terminal. Having partnered with the best card payment providers on the market, we’re able to make sure that quick, quality, and secure transactions pass through your terminal every time. With PDQ card payments from us at CCM EPoS, you won’t need to concern yourself with security, as the systems we offer are of the highest quality.

Contact Us

Our service includes no obligation meetings to discuss needs and aspirations, along with any bespoke features you may require.

We pride ourselves on giving great advice, and discussing what is right for your business and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about your needs, and any particular requirements you can’t see mentioned on the website.