Here at CCM EPoS, we supply and install the highest quality Electronic Point of Sale systems for the bar and nightlife sector.

We understand that you will need a reliable system that can keep up with the fast-paced environment, and that is exactly what our systems can do. In addition, there are many features available to streamline processes and ensure you provide the best customer service available.

Point Of Sale

Point of sale systems for bars and other nightlife sectors need to be multi-functional to keep up with the demand of this industry.

Our systems at CCM EPoS are able to achieve just that, as they provide simple and reliable operation for your staff members. In addition, these systems provide many features, such as allowing multiple price levels for different events, as we know you will host specific events, nights, and special offers throughout the week. Our system also allows for customer loyalty schemes too, which increases customer retention.


While handheld systems aren’t typically utilized for bars and nightclubs, table service has become the go-to thing with social distancing here to stay. As such, you will need a reliable handheld EPOS system so you can provide effective table service for your customers. In addition, our system will include any features you require, such as table-specific packages and individual products, allowing you to provide exemplary customer service.


With table service being more prevalent through social distancing, many people choose to order through their phones these days, whether that be on an APP or online. With our handy point of sale system installed, your customers can also order online as and when they wish, as our software is compatible with iOS, Android, and online ordering. Customers can order from their table, pay as they order, and their order will be sent straight to the bar to be made up.

Back Office

As with all businesses, you will need your Electronic Point of Sale system to be able to monitor and manage your stock levels and more. Our EPoS back office system can do all of that for you, allowing you to maintain and manage stock levels, keeping an eye on what sells well, and monitoring your margins.


With PDQ card payments, you can streamline your payments with an integrated card terminal. Having partnered with the best card payment providers on the market, we’re able to make sure that quick, quality, and secure transactions pass through your terminal every time. With PDQ card payments from us at CCM EPoS, you won’t need to concern yourself with security, as the systems we offer are of the highest quality.

Contact Us

Our service includes no obligation meetings to discuss needs and aspirations, along with any bespoke features you may require.

We pride ourselves on giving great advice, and discussing what is right for your business and budget. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about your needs, and any particular requirements you can’t see mentioned on the website.