Web Based Solutions

Access your transactions wherever you are with CCM EPoS live streaming web-based solutions. TouchOffice Web from CCM EPoS will allow you to keep track of your business sales records and access a real-time, web-based management.  As a comprehensive live stream of your sales data, TouchOffice Web  is a necessary maintenance tool to keep you aware of the details of your retail or hospitality business.

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What’s included in our Web-Based Solutions?

At CCM EPoS, our web-based solutions with TouchOffice Web will improve the overall running of your businesses. Key features of our web-based solutions include:

Reliable Web Servers

All software on our web based solutions is hosted on our dedicated and trustworthy web servers. Your systems will automatically be updated and your data will be backed up regularly with TouchOffice Web. Repairs will be conducted automatically through our TouchOffice database.

Web Based Solutions - Cloud Based EPOS Systems

Real-Time Access

Acquire live recordings of your sales from anywhere in the world with our web-based solutions. TouchOffice Web is accessible from a wide range of devices including your computer, tablet, smartphone, and on any web enabled device.

Basic Program changes

By using TouchOffice Web you will be able to perform basic program changes such as input and edit prices, add product names and much more with this online maintenance tool. Another benefit of this effective web-based management system is that you will be able to make the necessary and immediate changes to your stock in real time.

Monthly Subscription

Touch Office Web is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides an exclusive window into the running of your sales from all of your PoS terminals.

Sign up to an on-going monthly subscription to get the finest web-based management solution for retail and hospitality industries.