If you’re looking to bring your business into the 21st century, look no further than our touch screen cash registers. Designed to improve the efficiency of your business, our touch screen cash registers are the number one choice for those looking to move their business forward. Read on to find out more about our products or speak to our friendly team today.

Introducing our touch screen cash registers

If you work in retail or hospitality, you’re probably used to working in a fast-paced environment. It, therefore, pays to invest in a computerised system to help make your business run more smoothly. Our touch screen cash registers are more than just a means of processing payment – they’ll help you to adapt your business in a way that will improve the level of customer service that your visitors receive.

All in all, our touch screen cash registers combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly software, providing a fantastic central point for collecting data, imputing product menus and processing transactions. Read on to find out how our touch screen cash registers will benefit your business.

Touch screen cash registers for the hospitality sector

Whether you own a café, bar or restaurant, our hospitality touch screen cash registers are the perfect tool for enhancing the efficiency of your business. Firstly, with the option to input your menu, our registers can be directly linked to a secondary device in the kitchen, which means the chefs have the order in their hands at the press of a button.

On the same device, you’ll have the option of inputting your table and section layout, which you can then use to assign orders. You can add to a table’s tab at any point and once they’ve asked for the bill, use the same device to process the payment.

As you take orders, your touch screen cash register is automatically taking note of all the items that you’ve sold. When stock count comes around, you’ll be able to compare the amount of stock that you have to hand with the figures from your cash register – all in all making the count far more accurate.  Touch Screen Cash Registers

In a nutshell, our touch screen cash registers will help your business by:

  • Recording market trends
  • Easy modifications of inventory
  • Simplified operations
  • Graphical table management
  • Display of customer accounts and loyalty

Touch screen cash registers for the retail sector

If you’re looking for easier ways to manage and operate your business, our retail touch screen cash registers are the way forward. While processing any payment, your register is collecting useful data regarding your sales. With your touch screen cash register taking note of what is selling and what isn’t, you’ll automatically know which items need promoting, what items would benefit from the sale and which items are proving popular.

If a customer comes in or phones up requesting an item, our touch screen cash registers will give you an accurate representation of how much stock you have in your back room. This one small function means you no longer need to keep the customer waiting any longer than necessary, in turn, improving both your efficiency and the general customer experience.

The software available does more than just the basics; your business will also benefit from:

  • Transactions made simple
  • Full barcode scanning
  • Real-time reporting
  • Sales and cash taking management
  • Managing customer loyalty accounts

Why should you choose a touch screen cash register from CCM EPOS?

At CCM EPoS, we put our clients’ needs first.  From the very first phone call right through to supplying our clients with the highest standard of aftercare, we are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience throughout.

We are proud of the quality our customers experience when they invest in our touch screen cash registers. We have a team dedicated to providing superior installations to ensure that your system is up and running. We also provide training sessions and ongoing technical support, which helps to make sure that your system is being used to the maximum effect.

We believe that our touch screen cash registers should be available to any business – large or small- which is why we have a number purchasing, rental and leasing schemes available. The team at CCM EPoS will make sure that you invest in the right payment plan for your business.

Touch Screen Cash Registers

When you choose CCM EPoS, you will benefit from:

  • 6 monthly reviews
  • 7 days a week cover
  • Fully set-up loan terminals
  • Remote support dial-in

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