Are you seeking a portable solution for your commercial setup? If so, get in touch with CCM Epos today and take a peek at our fantastic range of portable cash registers. From palm-held payment devices to full-sized registers, we provide solutions that will meet the needs of your business.

Reasons to use portable cash registersPortable Cash Registers

Don’t root yourself to a set location, unshackle yourself with our portable designed cash registers. In a fast-paced environment where efficiency is key, being able to quickly react to ever-changing circumstances is crucial to a company’s success. Thanks to our mobile cash registers, you will be able to improve and streamline the function of your business.

Our portable cash registers may be the difference between a sale and a walk-away. With a portable cash register, you can concentrate on providing incredible customer service. With an in-built system designed to relay your customers’ order straight to the receiver, the additional time and efficiency could be the key to fitting in that extra sale. From waitress to kitchen, to floor staff to storeroom staff, our portable cash registers are a worthwhile addition to any hospitality or retail establishment.

Our portable designed cash registers

Created by PocketTouch, the state-of-the-art portable cash registers that we supply will enable you to accurately record and relay orders. Access your stock from anywhere in the store, so you can tell your customers at the first point of contact whether their item is available, or whether you can order it in. The versatile software used in our mobile EPOS devices can be accessed on a range of hand-held devices including Android and iOS, so you can even turn your mobile phone into a portable cash register.

You can also design your home screen around your needs with a fully customisable interface, for instance, you can adjust your menu to include information pertaining to allergies. Or if you work in the electronics department, have the electronics tab handy.

CCM Epos also offer full-sized cash registers that provide portable solutions for our retail customers. With many retailers and department stores constantly rearranging their floors, this could be the perfect wireless solution to a quick re-design.  They are light enough to be picked up and moved and are suitable for a wide range of companies from shops and cafes to garden centres and more. Thanks to the simplified and intuitive interface provided, you will find navigating the menus an absolute breeze. With the most up-to-date software, the range of features available includes everything from processing transactions to programming discounts and promotions, on-screen prompts and more.

Upon contacting CCM Epos, our team will discuss with you your requirements and recommend portable cash registers that are appropriate to your needs. Our company accept orders of any size, so whether you own a small newsagent or a large chain of restaurants, you are sure to find exactly what you need. Read on further as we have detailed the advantages of our portable designed cash registers below:

    • Easy up-selling
    • Faster turnaround
    • Graphical table plan
    • Improved speed and customer service
    • Less errors
    • One touch sync with POS
    • Reduce floor staff

Why choose portable cash registers from CCM Epos?Portable Cash Registers

We think everyone should have the opportunity to buy one of our portable cash registers. That’s why our portable cash registers are available to purchase, rent and lease. So whether you are a small business, a chain or a franchise, invest in our portable cash registers and see how your business moves forward.

We love to meet our clients face to face so we can really understand their needs. We’ll have a no-obligation friendly chat, give you the best possible advice, then you can take it from there. We pride ourselves on knowing our product and understanding our clients, so whatever your needs and however much you’re prepared to spend with us, we’ll have a product to suit you.

In addition to our flexible payment options, at CCM Epos, we are a company whose dedication to customer service has earned us the admiration and respect of both our clients and our competitors. We’re not here to flog you a product then leave you in the lurch. Our knowledgeable support staff are on hand to help if you experience any complications in setting up your portable cash register. Our dedicated support service includes the following for your benefit:

6 monthly reviews

We want to make sure that your portable cash register is working perfectly for you, which is why we will conduct a review every 6 months.

7 days a week cover

We understand that retail and hospitality establishments are open on weekends too. That’s why our support team are available every day of the week in the case of any issues.

Remote support dial in

If there are any complex issues with your portable cash registers, our team possess the technology to remotely access your machine, ensuring that your problem is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

With many years’ of experience to our name, we have carefully built our services on a value that is centred on integrity – keeping our promises is something that we take very seriously.

Our resourcefulness can be seen in each portable cash register that we supply. We tailor our services to ensure that our customers receive a product that is bespoke to them. In addition to supplying cash registers, we also offer on-going support and consultancy so you can be assured that you get the best service possible. With a portfolio consisting of more than 390 customers, it is little wonder that we are the number one choice for products and services in the Dorset area.

Providing EPoS systems isn’t our only area of expertise. We provide a range of services to the retail and hospitality sector that your business may find integral to moving forward. These include:

  • Apps and online ordering
  • Business supplies – tills rolls etc.
  • Programmes specifically tailored towards stock control
  • Mobile order pads

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