If you’re looking for a centralised system that can monitor cash flow and stock, look no further than a portable cash register from CCM EPOS. And with so many additional functions that will help you to make the running of your business more efficient, investing in one really is a no-brainer. Talk to an advisor about our range of portable cash registers and bring your business into the 21st century today!

Introducing our portable cash registerPortable Cash Register

Here at CCM EPOS, we’re passionate about improving the efficiency of hospitality and retail establishments by providing them with a portable cash register that is tailored to their specific needs.

When you invest in a portable cash register from CCM EPOS, you’ll not only benefit from a quick and easy way to process and manage your cash flow and stock. With a whole range of different menu functions available, we’ll help you to make the best use out of your new portable cash register by helping you to realise the potential of its capabilities.

From order processing to table management, our portable cash registers will help to improve the efficiency of your customer service and interaction, which in turn, can boost cash flow and increase turnover.

Portable cash registers for the hospitality industry

From little cafes to restaurants that can complete over 80 covers during the course of a lunchtime service, a portable cash register from CCM EPOS will improve the way your business works. In turn, this will enhance your customers’ experience – as interactions are faster and more efficient.

We’ve outlined the ways in which your new portable cash register will improve efficiency and your customers’ experience.

  • Through the table management system, you can input reservations, check which tables are free and manage table accounts all from your portable cash register.
  • With the function to open an account under a table number, you have a quick and easy way to record orders and manage bills.
  • You can upload your menu onto the portable cash register, which will make taking and processing orders quicker and easier.
  • Orders can be automatically sent through to a secondary device in the kitchen.
  • Because you upload orders as and when they are made, a table’s bill is all ready to go by the time it is requested.
  • As you take orders, your portable cash register is recording your sales, which means when stock count comes around, you know how many of any item you should have.

Portable cash registers for the retail sector

From small corner shops to large department stores, a portable cash register from CCM EPOS will help to improve the efficiency of your business. As part of their secondary function, our portable cash registers records everything that you sell. This, in turn, means that you can monitor which items are popular and which may need pushing.

If a customer enters your store looking for a specific item, you can quickly consult the system on your portable cash register, which will tell you how many of a certain item that you have readily available in your stock room. This is turn makes the transaction quicker and smoother, improving your customers’ experience.

The retail software on our portable registers is also capable of the following:

  • Transactions made simple
  • Full barcode scanning
  • Real-time reporting
  • Sales and cash taking management
  • Managing customer loyalty accounts

Why should you choose CCM EPOS to supply your portable cash register

Here at CCM EPOS, we provide our clients with a supportive start to finish service. From the very first enquiry right through to installation and aftercare, we’re on hand to supply sound advice and to help you get the most outPortable Cash Register of your portable cash register.

We have a team on hand to provide expert installations, training sessions and on-going technical support. We offer 6 months reviews so we can be sure that the system that we’ve installed is the right one for your business. We can also suggest more ways in which you can use your portable cash register to maximum effect.

We believe that our portable cash registers should be available to all businesses, which is why we offer multiple payment schemes. From purchasing our registers outright to rental and leasing options, we’ll make sure that you invest in the right payment plan for your business.

When you choose CCM EPOS, you will benefit from:

  • 6 monthly reviews
  • 7 days a week cover
  • Fully set-up loan terminals
  • Remote support dial-in

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