Mobile EPoS

In a busy hospitality environment, you need a system which allows you to process orders quickly.  The Mobile EPoS is a portable handheld device by PocketTouch that will enable you to accurately record orders and will enhance the functioning of your business.

Advantages of Mobile EPoS

Regardless of your sector, our Mobile EPoS will benefit your hospitality business in a variety of ways such as:

Versatile Program

You will be able to access the PocketTouch software on a range of hand-held devices from Android Tablets, Windows Mobile or iOS Devices. Our Mobile EPoS is the paper-free way to take an ongoing stream of orders dedicated specifically to the hospitality and catering industries.

Customise your PocketTouch

The advantage of using our Mobile EPoS is the ability to programme your PocketTouch to your exact requirements. When it comes to the hospitality or catering industry, it is important to be able to adjust the orders to the needs of the consumer. As an example, you will be able to adjust your menu to dietary requirements.


The portability of the Mobile EPoS makes it ideal for fast paced environments. Confirmed orders are sent straight from the hand-held device to the kitchen or bar, reducing the mistakes that are commonly placed in the catering industry. There will be little risk of misplaced or inaccurate orders with PocketTouch.

When you use the Mobile EPoS software you will be able to increase the efficiency of your orders and transactions.

Key Features

  • Available on Windows, iOS & Android
  • Easy Up Selling
  • Faster Table Turnover
  • Graphical Table Plan
  • Improve & Speed Customer Service
  • Less Kitchen/Dispense Errors
  • One Touch Sync with POS
  • Reduce Actual Floor Staff