Hospitality EPoS

Working in hospitality, you’ll need a fast and reliable server interface for your point of sale. Our Hospitality EPoS will enhance the efficiency of any sales operation and will increase the profitability of your business.CCM EPoS systems use TouchPoint systems that have provided flexible services to the hospitality industry for the last 10 years.

Functions of Hospitality EPoS

CCM Epos implements all the necessary actions that your business requires from cash taking and product sale breakdowns. The actions of each operation are recorded to deliver key business information on every transaction.

Our hospitality EPoS systems will enable you to complete simple or multiple till transactions. Our systems have additional features like Voids, No Sale, Discounts and more included in the TouchPoint server.

Supervisor access is provided on all EPoS systems with detailed management controls.

Hospitality Sectors


Our TouchPoint solution is a reliable, proven and cutting edge epos system providing all the essential tools for efficiently controlling your restaurant business. From the table plan to see at a glance which table is occupied and whether an order has been taken, to the tracking of all transactions to allow the business owner to see what, who and when money is being taken.

Pubs and Bars

TouchPoint will provide all the necessary tools for running any busy pub or bar from the many methods of staff identification, cash declaration for managers and full stock control to publicising upcoming events.


TouchTakeway is a system which could revolutionise your takeaway business. From providing on line presence for your business and the ability to take orders online and send them seamlessly down to your TouchPoint epos system and transfer the orders directly to your kitchen staff so they can immediately start preparing the order. CCM Epos can provide the whole package on various payment terms.

Click the link for a TouchTakeaway demo

ccm epos restaurant

Benefits of our Hospitality EPoS:

In the catering sectors, our hospitality EPoS systems deliver proficient EPoS software that will improve your business with benefits such as:

Record business market trends

Keep track of your business with real-time reporting. CCM EPoS solutions will help  your business keep records of market demands and trends without the need for internet communications.

Modify and update the inventory

In an ever-changing market, it is important to keep one step ahead of your competitors. Hospitality EPoS has accustomed product data management so you can update menus, prices or add products in a comprehensible EPoS server when required.

Simplified operations

With its simple software and clear touch screen instructions, our Hospitality EPoS server is easy to navigate. There is a flexibility of the interface for efficient transitions between tab controls, and intuitive user interface, so minimal staff training is required with Hospitality EPoS systems.

Key Features

  • Bar Tab Control (with Customer Names)
  • Full Customer Accounts & Loyalty
  • Fully Integrated Promotions & Price Levels
  • Graphical Table Management
  • Kitchen/Bar Dispense Printer & Video
  • Server Interrupt
  • Server Security

Optional Features

  • CCTV Integration
  • Cloud Office – TouchOffice Web
  • Customer Facing LCD Screens
  • Handheld Mobile Ordering – PocketTouch
  • Integrated Chip & Pin
  • Kitchen Video System (KVS)
  • Stock Control Software with Recipe’s