Computerised till systems

Are you looking to bring your business up to date with the latest technologies? If so, our computerised till systems will revolutionise the way your business runs. At CCM Epos, we specialise in touchscreen point of sale systems that are easy to use and are available to your company on a buy, rent or lease basis. Perfect for retail or hospitality, the team at CCM Epos will provide you with computerised till systems that will help you maximise sales and improve customer service.

Our computerised till systems

It is important for businesses today to keep up with forever changing technologies in order to maintain success and continue to enhance customer experiences. At CCM Epos we have a fantastic computerised till system which aims to improve efficiency and speed of service. When you invest in one of our easy to use computerised till systems, you will also have access to our excellent team of support staff who are always on hand to keep you up-to-date with the latest improvements.

Our computerised till systems are a comprehensive package with many features including:

  • Fully set-up loan terminals
  • System support 7 days a week
  • Real time reports
  • Experienced staff
  • Customised products

We offer computerised till systems to a number of different businesses, large and small. We have different styles of Epos terminals depending on your company’s needs and we are able to customise these so that you have the most beneficial features for your products or service.

Computerised till systems for hospitality

If you own a restaurant, bar or pub, it is important to have a computerised till system that is reliable and can handle a large amount of transactions quickly and efficiently. At CCM Epos, we have been supplying the Computerised till systemshospitality industry with the most reliable computerised till systems for over 10 years.

Our Epos terminals have a number of features specifically designed to complement the hospitality industry and make day-to-day business a hassle-free process for you, your employees, and customers. Once your computerised till system is set up, you will be able to keep track of the tables in your restaurant to see when they have ordered and who has taken their order.

The computerised till system will effectively keep track of sales and see what areas your business is profiting in most. This will then give you a better understanding when implementing sales strategies and promotions each month.

We can customise your Epos terminal so that it complements your hospitality environment by adding features such as:

  • Bar tab control
  • Table management
  • Integrated promotional prices
  • PocketTouch for handheld ordering
  • Stock control software

You can benefit from all these features and much more, as well as stay ahead of the game with our reliable support team on hand to resolve any problems.

Computerised till systems for retail stores

With our Epos systems, your retail store can revolutionise the way transactions are completed. Our computerised till systems offer all the basic features such as barcode scanning, customer loyalty accounts and screen prompts, as well as optional extras such as LCD customer facing screens and chip and pin terminals.

Having a computerised till system also allows you to keep track of sales with real-time reports so that you can react quickly to changes in the market to make improvements within the business. For more information on how we can customise our computerised till systems for the retail sector, click here.

All-in-one computerised till system

For smaller businesses, CCM Epos has designed a smaller, more compact computerised till system that doesn’t take up space but still has the quick response needed for fast paced transactions. Our all-in-one systems would work perfectly in a small café or takeaway restaurant, as you do not need a full cash register. The mini computerised till systems come with built-in receipt printer, PCT screen and magnetic card reader, meaning they can do everything our larger computerised till systems can do.

With their Wi-Fi connectivity and battery operation (optional), completing transactions has never been easier. To see the full list of features and benefits of our all-in-one computerised till system, click here.

Reasons to invest in CCM Epos’s computerised till systems

Whatever Epos terminal you choose for your business, we guarantee you will see the difference once you upgrade. All of our computerised till systems are easy to set up and use and have been purposefully designed with an intuitive interface so that minimal training is required. Our friendly support team will check in with you every six months, to ensure everything is running smoothly and rectify any issues should they arise.

If you are unsure whether one of our computerised till systems will work for you, we advise booking a consultation with one of our team who will be happy to talk you through each of the systems so that you can make a well-informed decision. There is no obligation to commit to a product, but we’re sure that once you see how easy-to-use and efficient our computerised till systems are, you’ll want to introduce them to your business.

We pride ourselves on providing honest and impartial advice so that you can find the right product for you. We have worked with a number of successful businesses including Koh Thai Tapas, Tapas Barcelona and The Derby Manor Hotel. Find out more about how our computerised till systems have worked in real-life environments by reading our case studies on our website.

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